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YM Foundation-free Mixing Station

YM Foundation-free Mixing Station
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The traditional concrete mixing station should do a good job in foundation construction before building the station, the amount of engineering is relatively large, for the sake of customers, Changli has developed a foundation-free concrete mixing station, which is more convenient and worth choosing.

Easy to build a station

As an emerging mixing station equipment, the foundation-free concrete mixing station has a series of processes such as construction-free design and foundation-free installation, which can provide great convenience for customers to build stations, and greatly save the construction time and construction costs. It is different from the traditional concrete equipment in the big feature is that the main structural components of the mixing plant can be installed in the centralized box, and only a few centralized box accessories need to be combined together to be placed on the well-laid cement plane when installed, especially for the outlet.


In addition to being quick and easy to install, the foundation-free concrete mixing station also has excellent environmental performance, which can make the construction work more environmentally friendly.

Easy to transport

Foundation-free concrete mixing station on the transport, because of the lack of foundation, so there are less unnecessary additional steel structure fittings, more convenient for transportation, and the equipment can be quickly assembled and put into production after the site.

Excellent performance    

Foundation-free concrete mixing station simplifies the supporting equipment on the structure, but there is no less in the operation facilities, and it is also composed of several major parts such as control system, mixing system, weighing system, material storage system, transportation system, etc., so the construction performance has no impact at all, and is suitable for all kinds of highways, airports, ports, bridges and hydropower engineering construction and mixed enterprises.

  Model JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
  Discharge capacity 500 750 1000 1500
  Feed capacity 800 1200 1600 2400
  Theoretical productivity(m³/h) ≤±25 ≤±35 50-60 75
  Maximum aggregate particle size(mm) ≤60/80 ≤60/80 ≤60/80 ≤60/80
  Duty cycle time(s) 72s 72s 72s 72s
Stir the blades rotate speed(r/min) 35 31 21 19.5
2*7 2*7 2*10 2*10 2*10
Agitator motor Model        
power(kw) 18.5 30 37 2*30
Hoist motor Model YES132-4-B5 YEZ132M-4-B5 YEZ160S-4 YEZS160-4
power(kw) 5.5 7.5 11 18.5
Pump motor Model 50DWB20-8A 65DWB35-8A KQW6S-1001 KQW6S-1001
power(kw) 0.75 1.1 3 3

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