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HZS Series Mixing Station

HZS Series Mixing Station
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The short mixing time and uniform agitation give you high-quality concrete. The measurement and verification of various raw materials is measured by electronic devices, which is accurate and reliable, and the measurement and verification precision is or higher than the national industry standard. The use of excellent control system, with automatic adjustment, supplementation, alarm and other functions. All the use of international excellent household appliances, electronic components to ensure the reliable operation of machinery and equipment. The mixing server adopts double-horizontal shaft mandatory mixing technology, high wear-resistant lining plate and mixing leaf production technology, effective mixing arm and mixing blade reasonable layout, excellent lubrication design scheme, so that the mixing cylinder is more durable. The control modular design scheme makes the maintenance, installation and migration of the mixing plant convenient and flexible, saving you costs. A wide range of material handling technologies and equipment offers you a variety of options to suit your site requirements.

A safe and comfortable practical operating environment provides you with an environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment.

Key Equipment Introduction: 

1. Stirring system software    

Form: Double horizontal shaft mandatory type     

The mixing blade and jaw plate are made of metal composite material, which is strong and durable, and it is convenient to disassemble and replace.    

The design scheme of the mixer is effective, the mixing time is short, the consumption is low, the noise is small, and the spare parts have a long life.   

2. Electronic control system    

The automatic control system of electrical equipment is composed of desktop computer host, display screen, copier, communication cable, etc. • Equipped with a monitoring system, operation and management methods in one, the actual operation is simple and convenient.    

The automatic batching system adopts the centralized control system of the microcomputer. Mixing plant operation data information can be stored for more than ten years, which is conducive to setting the management method.     

Secret recipes can be represented by numbers, which is convenient for customers to identify, and the number of secret recipes can reach dozens of kinds.   

In the case of getting rid of the automatic control system, the manual computer operating system can still operate the mixing station, such as seasoning, stirring, pouring and other work.    

The weak current part of the system software is self-contained, and the weak current installation part is completely separated, which improves the anti-interference of the weak current installation, and also makes the weak current part greatly simplified, with excellent characteristics, high stability, and more convenient maintenance.

3. Improve the system software    

The aggregate improvement system software adopts a belt conveyor. Belt conveyor top cover under the pocket, can be integrated into the all-day work.  

4. Aggregate storage bucket    

The storage silo can store a can of aggregate, eliminating the time of seasoning and improving production efficiency.  

5. Aggregate weighing system software    

Aggregate weighing system software consists of: aggregate silo, sound card frame, weighing bucket, aggregate belt conveyor, sensor and so on.   The system software indicates:    

The aggregate silo adopts the loading machine or feeding belt conveyor to load the material.    

Each storage silo has two pouring doors to complete the rough and fine weighing of the measurement check time.    

Each aggregate measurement verification bucket is hoisted on the storage hopper sound card frame according to four sensors, and the data signals transmitted by the four sensors are sent to the microcomputer in the control room after being solved, and the net weight value of raw materials is indicated according to the secondary instrument panel transformation.  

Each weighing bucket is equipped with a horizontal belt conveyor. At the end of the aggregate seasoning, it is transported by the horizontal belt conveyor into the inclined drive belt to the storage silo on the roof, waiting to be unloaded into the mixer along with other raw materials.

6. Concrete weighing system software    

Concrete weighing system software is composed of concrete weighing bucket, pneumatic disc valve, inductor, etc.    

Concrete weighing adopts sealed equipment, and the weighing bucket is weighed according to 3 sensors.     

The weighing bucket door adopts pneumatic disc valve, which is convenient to open and close, and the sealing is tight. 

7. Coal ash weighing system software    

Coal ash weighing system software is composed of coal ash weighing bucket, pneumatic disc valve, sensor, etc.    

Coal ash weighing adopts sealed equipment, and the weighing bucket is weighed according to 3 sensors.    

The weighing bucket door adopts pneumatic disc valve, which is convenient to open and close, and the sealing is tight  

8. Water weighing system software    

The water weighing system software is composed of: customer construction of reservoirs, water pumps, water weighing buckets, pneumatic disc valves, etc.    

Under the control of the automatic control system, the water in the reservoir is transmitted to the water weighing bucket according to the submersible pump, and the pump stops when weighed to the preset standard value by the sensor. When pouring the material, the unloading pump is turned on so that the flowing water flows into the mixer. The power supply is powered by a water pump, so that the water flow rate is accelerated and the spray is evenly proportioned. 

9. Liquid admixture weighing system software    

Liquid admixture weighing system software consists of: admixture storage box, admixture scale, water pump, sensor and so on.   

Under the control of the automatic control system, the admixture pump is pumped out of the admixture box, and when the sensor is measured and verified to the preset standard value, the disc valve is closed.     

When pouring the material, the pneumatic disc valve is opened, so that the admixture flows into the water weighing bucket and injects it into the mixer together with the water. In addition, the water pump works again through another disc valve circulation system admixture, which plays a stirring effect to prevent the deposition of admixture, and the admixture pump is automatically switched by the microcomputer.   

10. Gas supply system software    

Pneumatic control valve is composed of air compressor, cylinder, relay, gas supply components and so on. The air compression in the air compressor has been purified by the pneumatic valve solution, relieved of pressure, and fed oil into each loop, and the working pressure in the gas supply in all normal operating conditions should be maintained within the range of 0.7-0.9Mpa.  

11. Dust removal equipment    

Dust removal equipment is composed of dust removal equipment, ash removal pipe, etc.    

The dust removal device is set up in the inner part of the podium, and the dust caused by the server, storage silo, and particle measurement verification bucket passes through the dust removal equipment to worry about the cloth bag, and the anti-blowing equipment will shake the dust off every once in a while, and the centrifugal fan at the upper end will lead the neat gas to the outdoors.   

12. Spiral transport machine    

The concrete transportation adopts sealed equipment, and the inlet and the metering verification bucket adopt conductive soft connection that does not endanger the precision of the measurement verification. · The splice is a universal ball joint, which can adjust the viewing angle error and has good sealing.    

The spiral stranded dragon blade and the cylindrical joint have small gaps and high efficiency in transmission.  

13. Cement tank    

Total: According to the customer's configuration system software indicates:   

Cement tank set up, opening position. The granular material is blown in by the upper end of the powder hopper, and a dust removal device is set up at the top of the powder hopper, which relieves the working pressure of the powder hopper load and avoids the environmental pollution of the gas by the soot. The arch breaking equipment is installed in the cone part, and the gas supply system software and automatic control system are composed, which can immediately carry out fully automatic arch breaking on concrete, and can also manually break the arch.   

14. Main control room    

The use of colorful sandwich panel, with thermal insulation, thermal insulation and insulation. Equipped with hot and cold central air conditioning.    

The main control room is clean and tidy, and the line of sight is wide   

The control panel adopts the basic principles of ergonomic design scheme, and the actual operation is comfortable.    

Automatic control system adopts commercial machine, PLC and frequency conversion governor    

Measurement and verification scale precision: aggregate: ±0.5%; granular material: ±0.3%

Model HZS69 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180
Theoretical productivity(cubic/hour) 60 90 120 180
Mixing model number JS1000/1750 JS1500/2250 MAO2000/3000 MAO3000/4500
Electric power of the mixer(KW) 2×18.5 2×30 2×37 2×55
Unloading height(meters) 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2
Total station power(KW) ≈160 ≈210 ≈260 ≈300

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