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Mobile Asphalt Mixing Station

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Station Asphalt Mixing plant
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Mobile asphalt mixing plant:

1. The module design makes the handling and installation faster and more convenient;

2. The unique design of the mixing blade makes the mixing cylinder driven by very power easier, reliable and efficient;

3. The vibrating screen driven by imported vibration motor greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the failure rate of the equipment;

4. The cloth bag dust removal is placed in the drying state, placed above the drum, reducing heat loss, saving space and fuel;

5. The bottom structure of the silo is relative, which greatly reduces the floor space of the equipment, and cancels the lifting space of the small lane of the finished material, reducing the equipment failure rate...

First, product features

★ Modular cold material dispensing system

★ Energy-efficient drying heating system         

★ A control system with independent intellectual property rights and stable and easy to operate

Second, the technical performance indicators

serial number Technical performance indicators parameter
1 production capacity 40t/h
2 Fuel consumption rate (standard condition) 6.5kg/t
3 Dimensions 30m×166m
4 Total installed power (standard) 57.79kW
5 Mode of operation Manual, semi-automatic


Third, configure the parameters

  1. Cold material dispensing system

compose                      parameter




Aggregate feeder



Hopper volume   4×4m3
Charging width      2.6m
Charging height 2.8m
The silo wall vibrates the motor power 1×0.25kW
Gradation unit motor power 4×1.5kW
Gradation unit motor speed regulation mode Variable frequency speed regulation
Gradation unit ring belt bandwidth 500mm
Aggregate belt assembly Aggregate belt bandwidth 500mm
Motor power 4kW
Inclined belt conveyor Conveyor belt bandwidth 500mm
Motor power 4kW
Intermediate filter sieve Tilted self-flowing
(1) Mobile streamlined aggregate feeder, standardized module, easy to install and transport;
(2) Cold material grade with frequency conversion speed regulation, safe and reliable;
(3) The hopper is equipped with a partition net, two fine silos are automatically vibrating the warehouse, the lack of material alarm prompt, and the discharge door can be adjusted; 
(4) The belt machine is equipped with a safety protection device, which can be quickly braked under emergency conditions, and has a guiding and cleaning device;
(5) The intermediate filter screen removes the oversized particle size aggregate and reduces the heat loss of the drying drum.
2. Drying heating system 
compose                          parameter

Drying drum


diameter Φ1.2m
length 5.2m
Motor power 1×11kW



Light oil burner

Rated fuel capacity 300kg/h
Fan power 1×11kW
Fuel pump power 1×2.2kW
Adjustment ratio 13
(1) Repeatedly optimized the design of the extraction blade to effectively reduce the heat loss of the drying drum, save fuel consumption, and greatly improve the thermal efficiency;
(2) The drying drum combustion area adopts wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials, which has a long service life;
(3) The drying drum outlet is set up with a temperature measuring device, and the material temperature is monitored in real time;
(4) The burner is equipped with an ignition device.
3. Lifting system
compose                          parameter
Finished material hoist Drive power 1×5.5kW
(1) High-strength plate chain bucket elevator, mixed discharge, no return material;
(2) The wear-resistant noise reduction device of the special structure greatly reduces the wear of the inlet and outlet and hopper.
4. Dust removal system
compose                         parameter
Cyclone dust collector Maximum processing gas volume 25000m3/h
Induced draft fan power 7.5kW
5. Asphalt supply system
compose                           parameter
Oil-heated asphalt tanks Asphalt tank volume 1×20 m3
Heat medium circulation pump power 1×1.5kW
Asphalt pumps power 1×5.5kW
Fuel burner power 1×0.64kW
(1) Adopt rapid heating asphalt technology, high efficiency and energy saving;
(2) Well-known brand burners ensure accurate oil temperature.
6. Finished material storage system
compose                             parameter
Finished product silos volume 1×3m³
The height of the sizing 2.5m
Hydraulic motor for opening doors power 1×1.5kW
7. Electrical control system
compose 2.2m×2.2m×2.5m control room, desktop type combination control table, wall type dual temperature air conditioner.

(1) Container-type control room, double-layer color steel wall panel with good thermal insulation performance, beautiful appearance and good sealing,

Easy installation and transportation;

(2) The electrical control adopts a box-type control cabinet, and the main components are well-known brand electrical appliances;
(3) With interlocking and secondary protection, the large motor adopts a reasonable step-down start;
(4) The operator table is equipped with an emergency manual control device.

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